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Rupp Metalworks

Located in Salmon Arm, BC, Rupp Metalworks fabricates quality steel parts and products that meet the varied needs of a broad range of clients, from industrial construction and manufacturing companies to private home owners.


Contact us to discuss your project and we will work with you to fulfil your needs in a timely and effective manner

Projects include fabrication of parts for sawmill equipment, structural components for various structures (bridges, buildings, wharves), custom flat deck trailers, customized decks for work trucks, specialized parts for excavators,

Staircases and railings are continually in our schedule.  We often provide installation for these.  These include all steel railings, railings with wood handrails and/or wood posts, glass railings, etc.

Our Mongolian Grill and Out West Fire Pit BBQ are great additions to your next gathering. We hope you like them so much you'll want one of your own, but if not, we will gladly rent  out a Mongolian Grill. 

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