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The Out West Fire Pit BBQ


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If your idea of a great evening involves a bunch of friends hanging out around the fire, then The Out West Fire Pit BBQ is the premier outdoor cooking setup for you.  Not only is it an awesome fire pit for gazing soulfully into the flames, it also does a great job of cooking!!


The Out West Fire Pit BBQ includes a grill, a flat griddle and a dished griddle - so while you flame-broil steaks on the grill; you can simmer butter and garlic on the griddle.

The Flat Griddle is great for everything from pancakes to bacon & eggs. We’ve included a Dished Griddle so you can stir-fry vegetables, cook sauces or melt garlic butter for dipping seafood.  Of course, the Fire Pit BBQ wouldn’t be complete without the quintessential Grill; 3 square feet of surface for cooking up the perfect steak or any other slab of meat.  Nothing beats a nice thick piece of steak grilled over open flames and infused with wood smoke.  (Of course you can make awesome burgers and hot dogs on the Fire Pit BBQ too!)

Out West Fire Pit BBQ on brick patio
Shiny new Out West Fire Pit BBQ
Meat on the grill
Out West Fire Pit grillin'
Hand forged tools - fire poker, meat turner and hook
Out West Fire Pit BBQ set in concrete & bricks
Loads of grilling surface - 24" diameter
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