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Rent it for the weekend or own it for a lifetime!  This 32” gas Grill is perfect for outdoor entertaining!  Quiet dinners, large family reunions, birthday parties or weddings; the Mongolian Grill can accommodate 4 to 40 people.


The Mongolian Grill comes with 5 stainless steel spatulas; everyone can cook their own meal. More fun for everyone!  Or, if you prefer, hire (or bribe) a chef (or a wannabe chef).


Whether you are a ‘foodie’ at heart or are just looking for a new and different option for cooking outdoors, the Mongolian Grill is a fabulous alternative to a traditional gas barbeque.

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Let your guests put the stainless steel spatulas to work and cook for themselves while you relax and mingle!

If you have ever had the pleasure of eating in a Mongolian restaurant, then you know how best to put this Grill to good use. 


Suggestion:  Lay out a buffet of freshly cut vegetables, bite-size cuts of various meats, cooking oil, seasonings, sauces, soy sauce, wine, balsamic vinegar, ginger, garlic and onions.  Pre-cook some rice and/or noodles.  Then stand back and let the fun begin!  (continued below photo gallery) 

Mongolian Grill & Spatulas
Heat control dials
Let's eat!
Drip tray around Grill
Mongolian Grill - ready to use
Grilling in northern BC

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the grill


Each guest creates their own selection of vegetables and meats, sauces and seasonings and then cooks it to his or her taste.


But don’t restrict yourself to the traditional approach, the Mongolian also grills awesome burgers, hot dogs, smokies, steaks and endless other foods. Breakfast on the Grill is another awesome option.  Pancakes anyone?!?


The Mongolian Grill stands about 36” tall and has 3 adjustable legs to ensure stability and a level cooking surface. The legs are also removable so you can take it camping or over to the neighbours!  

The 3-ring gas burner is designed for propane, but can also run on natural gas.  Each of the rings are individually controlled.


We regularly rent them out for weddings, reunions, birthday parties.  Thinking of buying one, but you’re not sure?  Rent it for the weekend and if you decide to buy, we’ll apply your rental fee to the purchase price!


Locally made, fitted canvas covers are also available for purchase.


For more information, please contact us.

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