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Residential Projects


Although we have branched out into industrial and commercial areas, we are still very much involved in residential projects.  Staircases, railings and gates are continually in our schedule.  We often provide installation for these.  These include all steel railings, railings with wood handrails and/or wood posts, glass railings, etc.  The new provincial building code allows for horizontal railing designs which means we can create horizontal cable railings and horizontal flat bar railings which create an updated, modern feel.

Other custom metalwork has included driveway gates, interior and exterior railings, drawer pulls, fireplace doors, posts, beams, decorative accents for wood structures, and much more.

Top - Railings


Railings are one of our many specialties. Our custom work done in steel can be seen all through the Okanagan and Shuswap, Whistler, Revelstoke, Golden and as far away as Long Island, New York and Yellowknife, NWT.

Contact us today to start your project!

Exterior Stainless Steel Cable Railings
Exterior Stainless Steel Cable Railing S
Sorrento Deck Railing
Sorrento Deck Railing
Sorrento Deck Railing
Sorrento Deck Railing - detail
Sorrento Deck Railing - Corner detai
Sorrento Deck Railing - Detail
Shuswap Twiggy Railing
Shuwap Twiggy Railing
Shuswap Twiggy Railing - Detail
Branches Railing
Interior Railing - Sorrento
Sorrento Interior Railing - Detail
Shuswap Estate Patio Railing
Shuswap Estate Patio Railing
Whistler Railing
Whistler Railing
Whistler Railing
LundriganGrates 014
Photo 2012-04-27 13 10 01


Gates are a signature to your property! Denoting the entrance and exit, ensure yours is as unique as your residence!


Contact us today to start your quote!

Twiggy Gate
Twiggy Gate
Twiggy Gate
Driveway Gate - Upper
Fence Panel Detail
Custom Fence 273
Fence & Gate 273
Driveway Gate - Curved
2011-09-23 11.38.08
MonecaLitten 010
Sorrento Deck Railing Gate Closure

Fireplaces tie your home together, they are the centrepiece to family gatherings, entertaining guests, or to keep you warm while curled up reading a good book.


Contact us today to start your quote!


Photo 11-08-29 8 41 25 PM
Paul Harrison 003
Starting 5
Photo 2012-04-20 3 57 43 PM
Paul Harrison 004
Photo 2012-04-20 3 46 54 PM
Photo 2012-04-20 3 46 40 PM
Stair Cases


The staircase can be a feature piece in your home.  We will work with you to create something that suits your residence and your taste.   Single stringer, double stringers, open treads, floating treads . . . plenty of options! 

Contact us today to start your quote.

Stringers - email
Stringer detail - email
GouldRockRailingsEtcMay2010 042
2015-03-25 18.19.45
2015-03-25 18.24.20
Nauta staircase6
Nauta staircase2
Nauta staircase5
Nauta staircase4
Sorrento Staircase & Railing
Sorrento Staircase - railing
Sorrento Staircase - single stringer
Anderson staircase detail 2 - After


Keep light in your life with spectacular wall sconces, creative candle holders or a unique chandelier! 


Contact us today to start your project.

candle holder
Picture 006
Custom Work

Custom Work

Are you looking for something unique for your home?  We can work with you to make something special that will last a lifetime and become an heirloom!


Contact us and we will help you create it.

Wine Cellar Doors
Wine Cellar Door - detail
Wine Cellar Doors - bottom plate
ETF - Beam Bands (1)
Destree Potrack 001
Photo 2012-03-21 11 45 04 AM
suzi 031
PomarDetail 038
HouseNumbers (1)
Door Hardware - Spanish (7)
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